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The new GeneXus version enables you to easily create, design and maintain web 2.0 type applications, without requiring knowledge of programming languages like Java or .NET. GeneXus takes what the programmer knows about the business, synthesizes it in a knowledge base, and generates the code automatically. GeneXus has a user-friendly development environment with elements that are customizable and very intuitive to use. These same aspects allow users to learn how to use it in a very short time. It also allows the entire development team to work in an integrated manner, as it automates the flow of many tasks with the aim of simplifying the process of creating applications. This is possible because it features a workflow tool and a Wiki-style document editor. In addition, GeneXus makes it easy to reuse code and integrate applications developed by third parties (GXextensions, user controls). Other new features, such as the use of patterns and objects for capturing data or storing parameters (data providers and data selectors), allow for a significant reduction in development times.

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''We immediately cried out, "Bullshots!" when we sighted these screenshots released with Battle Rage: The press release today, but then we remembered that a PC version of the fighter is also in the works.

With a quick comparison comparing the image resolution with other screens for Wii games (and a bit of common sense), we were able to confirm our suspicions that these shots are, indeed, too good to be true. That said, if graphical detail isn't a primary concern for you, jump into the gallery for three new screenshots of the four-player arena combat game.''